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Reclaim Your Backyard With Our Exterior Home Repair Services in Calgary

When you think of your home’s exterior, do you think of backyard barbecues, serene mornings on your patio, and the sound of birds chirping? Or do thoughts of your broken fence or cracked siding come to mind? If you’d like to spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time fixing the outside of your home, contact A P & W Services Est 1969. Our complete list of exterior repair services includes:


  • 5” & 6” gater guard installation

  • Cleaning

  • Repair

  • Retightening

  • Releveling

  • Installation

  • Customization

  • Drip Edge and flashing installation

  • Corner splash guard installation

  • Corner & end cap seals

  • Heated wire coil for gutters

  • Rain barrel & diverter set up

  • Complete spout installation

  • Dual funnel spouts

  • Spout baskets

  • Fold up spouts

  • Spout relocation

  • Spout extensions

Fascia & Soffit Repairs (Cement Repairs)

  • Parging & stucco with paint matching

  • Cement crack repairs

  • Garage floor crack repairs

  • Basement leak repairs

Sash & Window Repair 

  • Window caulking

  • Window sash repair & replacement

  • Window cranks replacement

  • Window planning

  • Basement window well covers

Door Repairs

  • Door caulking

  • Sweeps

  • Spring load door package

  • Patio door repair & screen replacement

  • Door adjustment

  • Lock repairs

  • Door frame repair

  • Weather stripping (reduce your winter heat loss!)

Roof Repairs 

  • Shingle/shake/tile

  • Gravel roof repairs

  • Roof valley repairs

  • Wood shake cap retightening

  • Roof vent replacement & repair

  • Stink stack cap

  • Chimney repair

  • Metal capping

  • Skylight sealing

  • Cement/wood sealing

Other Services

  • Vinyl & wood siding repair & replacement

  • Fence repair

  • Stucco repair

  • General cement repair

Yearly eavestrough cleaning schedules available.

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Book Our Services

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